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Welcome to™, the e-store dedicated to bringing you the widest possible selection of high quality back scratchers and back care products at great prices. There are few sensations more irritating than having your back itch in a spot you can't quite reach. Or the delicious satisfaction of getting it scratched "just right" when you finally do reach it. Next to having a partner with a set of sharp fingernails handy all the time, a good back scratcher is your best choice for getting relief to those troublesome itchy spots.

Almost no one can reach every spot on their back and there are a number of conditions like bursitis, arthritis, injury and any of a number of other conditions that can make it difficult or impossible to reach around and scratch your back without putting too much stress on your elbow, shoulder or back.

It probably seems silly to talk about design issues on something as seemingly "simple" as a back scratcher.  Which is exactly why there are so many cheap, junky, ineffective back scratchers out there on the market - back scratchers that bend, twist, have too narrow a scratching edge, are too short or don't give you enough leverage to bear down and scratch effectively. The fact is, a good back scratcher needs to be carefully designed if it is going to do a good job of scratching your back. (See our buyers guide, "What to look for in a great back scratcher" in the Back Scratcher Info section.)

Our wide selection of unique back scratcher designs make it possible for you to pick a back scratcher that will comfortably reach and scratch virtually wherever it itches on your back or elsewhere on your body.

Hardwood Back Scratchers
Our signature hardwood back scratchers combine beautiful hardwood handles with hand crafted workmanship in an elegant design where form definitely follows function.
Telescopic Back Scratchers
We have a great collection of telescopic back scratchers including several unique designs which you will have a very hard time finding anywhere but here at All at great prices.
Plastic Back Scratchers
There are not a lot of quality plastic back scratchers available - most of them are just cheap junk. We do have our unique long handled bow shaped back scratchers and a few more.
Exotic Wood Back Scratchers™ has unique long handled back scratchers made from exotic woods including rosewood, teak, palm and other woods which you will not find anywhere but here. Singularly beautiful, these back scratchers make great gifts for any occasion.
Laser Engraved Back Scratchers
We can personalize our hardwood, exotic wood and telescopic back scratchers using our state-of-the-art laser engraving system. Upgrade your back scratchers from a great gift to a truly memorable one. Great for that family special occasion, for corporate gift giving or for other promotional product use.
Novelty Back Scratchers™ has some unique scratchers, including our totally unique Darth Scratcher™ and Back'leth™ Klingon back scratchers, corn cob back scratchers and a number of other unique scratchers for your use and gift giving.
Bamboo Back Scratchers
A great collection of back scratchers and back scratcher / shoehorns made from beautiful, resilient natural Moso bamboo.
Back Scratcher Value Bundles™ offers a number of great back scratcher value bundles so you can get more back scratchers for less money! Perfect for gift shopping.
Back Scratcher Samplers™ offers a number of great back scratcher samplers so you can try out different back scratchers and save money at the same time! Perfect for gift shopping.
Lotions and Applicators™ also offers a number of lotion applicators, long handled lotion applicators, massaging lotion applicators, lotions, etc., to make it easy for you to get at and care for those hard to reach areas on your back.
massagers-162.jpg™ also offers a number of massagers, both manual and powered to make it easy for you to get at and massage your neck and back.
Long Handled Shoehorns™ offers a number of long handled shoehorns to make it easy for you to get your shoes on without having to bend and stress your back.

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Featured Products

Pedi Clipper long handled toenail clipper

Trim your toenails without bending. 18" overall length. Comfortable pistol grip with wide trigger. Extra-wide jawed clipper. Pat. Pending design for easy positioning and cutting.

Price: $79.95
Laser Engraved Back Scratcher Handles
Laser engrave your message onto our back scratchers. Any of our signature hardwood back scratchers. Choice of six fonts. One or two lines. Engrave on inside or outside of the back scratcher handle.
Price: $29.95
Sale: $27.95
Thai Rosewood Back Scratcher
Beautiful hardwood back scratcher carved from Thai Payung rosewood. One piece design. Long handle. Quality crafted workmanship. 20" overall length. Lacquer finish. Leather thong.
Price: $24.95
Laser Engraved Bamboo Back Scratcher

A great bamboo back scratcher personalized with your message. Choice of two engrave areas. Approximately 18.5" long with a 1.5" scratching edge. Includes natural leather thong for easy hanging. Natural bamboo.

Price: $18.95
Sale: $14.95
Long Handled Bamboo Back Scratcher/Shoehorn

NEW! If you want a long back scratcher here is our longest wood back scratcher / shoehorn! Reaches everywhere. Approximately 25" long with a 1.5" scratching edge. Natural bamboo.

Price: $15.95
Sale: $12.95
Bear Back Scratcher™

No need to go outside and look for a tree. Just rub up against the hundreds of flexible scratching spikes and your back itch will be a thing of the past! 18" overall length. Includes wall bracket. Silver Gray.

Price: $24.95
Sale: $19.95
All Bamboo Back Scratcher Sampler

NEW - All bamboo back scratcher sampler. Three bamboo back scratchers: One 18-1/2" bamboo back scratcher, one 18-1/2" bamboo back scratcher / shoehorn and one extra long 25" bamboo back scratcher / shoehorn.

Price: $28.90
Sale: $19.95

White Wand Mate™ adapter. Now you can use Hitachi Magic Wand® silicon foam head caps and attachment accessories with many popular Wahl® massagers. White silicon foam head cap is replaceable.

Price: $18.95
Sale: $16.95
Good Day - Bad Day - Don't Ask Wine Glass
Novelty wine glass let's you pour to match how your day has been. Generous 12-1/2 oz. wine glass permanently laser engraved. Lead free. Dishwasher safe. Includes wood wine charm laser engraved with "Nunc Est Bibendum " ("Now Is The Time To Drink").
Price: $14.95
Sale: $12.95

At BackScratcherWorld, "We've Got Your Back!!"

When you buy a back scratcher from™ you get:

  • Wide Selection - we have what we believe to be the largest collection of quality back scratchers available in one place. We have hardwood back scratchers, telescoping back scratchers, other back care supplies - even a special "cast scratcher" designed at the request of an orthopedic surgeon to scratch down inside an arm or leg cast. Many of our designs are only available here.
  • Quality - our back scratchers are made using only the finest materials and workmanship.  If you're looking for a cheap piece of imported plastic or bamboo junk you have definitely come to the wrong place.
  • One Size Fits All - our back scratcher designs combine optimum length with wide scratching edges to provide effective back scratching for virtually everybody regardless of age, gender, height or weight; they are also very effective for anyone with a mobility impairment.
  • Proven To Work - our back scratchers are designed to scratch, really scratch.  On bare skin or even through a shirt or blouse, they are great at helping you scratch where it itches.  Thousands of these back scratchers have been sold to happy scratchers all around the globe. Check out some of our customer comments. We know our back scratchers work and work very well.
  • Available NOW - we carry inventory on all of our products.  No drop shipping!! 99% of our orders ship direct to you from our stock, most the next business day.

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