Long Handled Bamboo Back Scratcher / Shoehorn (Set of 2)

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Each unit is one bundle of 2 back scratchers
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Product Description

Back Scratcher Overview

Here's a pair of bamboo back scratcher/shoehorns that are bigger and stronger than typical bamboo back scratchers. Made from the base of mature Moso bamboo poles for thick, strong handles that wonít flex or twist when you scratch hard or put on stiff shoes. 18-1/2" long with a comfortable 1-1/2" wide handle, this is no skinny stick like you'll find with most other bamboo back scratcher/shoehorns. And at these prices you'll want to get several to have one of these back scratcher/shoehorns handy at home, in your desk at the office, etc. They make great gifts, too.

Features of this quality bamboo back scratcher/shoehorn include:

  • Sturdy Construction - with a wide one piece design and constructed from mature natural bamboo poles split at the base, this bamboo back scratcher/shoehorn is designed for long use.
  • Long enough for effective use - the back scratcher's generous 18.5" length and 1.5" scratcher edge makes it possible for users of all sizes or for those with elbow or shoulder motion difficulties to conveniently reach and scratch anywhere it itches or easily use the shoehorn. The combination of length and the wide scratcher edge make this a very aggressive back scratcher and it can scratch on bare skin or through a shirt or blouse with ease.
  • Buy More, Save More - need some extra back scratcher/shoehorns for yourself or for gifts? Save when you buy multiple back scratcher/shoehorns.

If you're looking for a well designed, great priced back scratcher/shoehorn designed to reach anything you want to scratch and then scratch it with vigor, this is the back scratcher for you.

Back scratcher/shoehorn Specifications

Format: Bamboo wood back scratcher/shoehorn
Material: One piece mature Moso bamboo
Overall length Approx. 18.5" (470 mm)
Scratching edge width: 1.5" (38 mm)
Thickness: 0.2" (6 mm)
Weight (non-shipping): 4 oz. (57 g)
Weight (packed for shipping): 1 lb. (454 g)
Finish: Natural bamboo
Warranty: Lifetime limited warranty


Important Note: Because of state and local health department regulations in the State of Washington, back scratchers are considered personal hygiene items and may only be returned for credit if in the original unopened packaging materials.  Please contact BackScratcherWorld.comô for authorization prior to returning this product.

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Sale: $9.95
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