The Bear Back Scratcher™

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Product Description

Back Scratcher Overview

Bear Back Scratcher closeupLet's face it, at one time or another every one of us has rubbed up against a door jam or wall corner in a vain attempt to scratch our backs. Bears have it easy - they live outside in the woods with lots of great big trees covered with nice scratchy bark. Well, we've civilized the design a bit and produced a quality back scratcher that you can mount indoors on your door or wall to get a really great scratch.

So unique that it was granted a U.S. Patent (U.S. Patent 6,110,132), the Bear Back Scratcher™ is 18" long with rows that contain hundreds of flexible scratching spikes arranged in a gentle arc so that all you have to do is rub your back up against them and they will give your back a really good scratch. And unlike some designs, which can only be mounted on a door jam or wall corner, you can mount the Bear Back Scratcher™ on a corner and we also include a wood mounting bracket so you can mount it on any flat wall. Makes a great gift!

Features of the Bear Back Scratcher™ wall mounted back scratcher include:

  • Bear Back Scratcher closeupSolid Construction - this back scratcher's frame is injection molded from industrial grade ABS structural plastic. Thousands of polypropylene scratching spikes give it a unique scratching capability.
  • Universal Design - the Bear Back Scratcher's generous 18" length makes it possible for bears of all sizes to rub and scratch with abandon and the thousands of scratching spikes will definitely make your itches a thing of the past. Be Careful! This is a very aggressive back scratcher and it can scratch on bare skin or through a shirt or blouse with ease; don't overdo it!
  • Bear Back Scratcher Wall Mount CloseupWall or Corner Mount - the Bear Back Scratcher can be mounted on any wall corner or door jam or you can use the wall bracket (included) to mount it on any flat wall. For wall mounting you just measure the height, attach the bracket to the wall then attach the Bear Back Scratcher to the bracket.
  • Includes Wall Bracket and Mounting Hardware - we include a wood mounting bracket and all hardware you'll need to easily mount your Bear Back Scratcher to any corner or flat wall.
  • Buy More, Save More - need some extra back scratchers for yourself or for gifts? Save when you buy multiple back scratchers.

If you're looking for a uniquely designed novelty back scratcher designed to reach anything you want to scratch and then scratch it with vigor, this is the back scratcher for you. Makes a great gift for all those other itchy backed bears on your gift list, too.

**The™ Bear Back Scratcher™ back scratcher (U.S. Patent 6,110,132) is in no way affiliated or associated with Richard Heene's Bear Scratch™ back scratcher. Bear Scratch™ is a trademark of Bear Scratch, LLC. Bear Back Scratcher™ is a trademark of Intelligent Technologies, Inc.


Back Scratcher Specifications

Format: Plastic back scratcher
Material: Injection molded ABS plastic
Color: Silver gray
Install: Corner or wall mount
Overall length: 18" (457 mm)
Scratching edge width: 2.0" (51 mm)
Bracket width: 2.3" (58 mm)
Weight (non-shipping): 1 lb. (454 g)
Weight (packed for shipping): 2 lb. (910 g)
Finish: Natural plastic, silver gray
Warranty: Lifetime limited warranty

Important Note:Because of state and local health department regulations in the State of Washington, back scratchers are considered personal hygiene items and may only be returned for credit if in the original unopened packaging materials.  Please contact™ for authorization prior to returning this product.

All prices, specifications and availability information are provided for informational purposes only and are subject to change without notice.
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