Miniature Wood Pallet Coaster Set With Stand

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Unique hot or cold drink coasters resemble miniature wood cargo shipping pallets. Handmade from prime cabinet wood mill ends and scraps salvaged from local wood mills and cabinet shops here in the Pacific Northwest. Semi-gloss clear coat finish. Felt feet. 3-3/4" x 3-3/4" x 1". Set of 4 coasters with holder. 100% made in USA! Great gift!

Features of these pallet coasters include:

  • All Hardwood Construction - these coasters and holders are handmade wood scraps salvaged from local wood mills and cabinet shops here in the Pacific Northwest. Wood types used for these coaster include alder, maple, oak, cherry, beech and other wood species. The most commonly used wood type is alder, a common but beautiful deciduous hardwood cousin of birch that is harvested in quantity in North America using sustainable forestry.
  • Each Piece Handmade - The pieces are hand cut then each coaster and stand is hand assembled by gluing the individual planks to the braces. Finally, each coaster is finished with a protective clear coat and we add on the felt feet.
  • Environmentally Sensitive - the coasters are produced using pieces of premium "finish grade" hardwoods that are a byproduct of normal cabinet making and which would normally be thrown away or burned as scrap wood.
  • Quantity Discounts - order multiple pallet coaster sets at the same time and your cost goes down. Great for holiday or special occasion gift giving.
  • 100% Made In The USA100% American Made - all wood parts used in the construction these pallet coasters are made from American hardwood and all coasters are 100% made in America.

These pallet coasters make a unique gift for any occasion. If you're looking for a great gift hand made from natural wood and produced in an environmentally friendly way, you need look no further than a set of our wood pallet coasters.

From our wood block store:

Please Note: These miniature wood cargo pallet coasters are also available with one or more of the individual pallet planks personalized using laser engraving in our laser engraved gift store:

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