How To Select A Great Back Scratcher

Sounds pretty simple, doesn't it? Just go buy a back scratcher. Well there is more to it than that and there are a lot of products that are basically junk out there to sort through.  Here is what we suggest you look for when you are buying a back scratcher:

Length: A back scratcher needs to be long enough to reach any part of your back without having to over-extend your shoulder, elbow or wrist.  In particular, this means a good back scratcher needs to be longer than you might think - a length of 18-22" will be required by most adult users.

Must be long enoughBack scratcher needs to have adequate length

Edge Width: The back scratcher's scratching edge needs to be wide enough to scratch well and also to be stable on your back - if the scratcher edge is too narrow it will tend to roll and only make contact with a corner or the side.

Wide Scratching Edge

Edge Height: This is an area where many back scratchers, even ones that are otherwise well designed, fail.  A back scratcher is a leverage device and you must press down for it to work properly.  This means it must have a long enough handle with the scratcher edge significantly above the handle - generally the greater the edge height the more robust the scratch.  If the scratching edge height is too shallow the scratcher will hit your shoulder or force you to strain your shoulder and hyperextend your elbow backwards as you try to press the scratcher edge down on your back.  Many back scratchers use a popular brass, hand shaped scratcher head (see below) which threads onto a round handle. Because of the arch of the "fingers" it has essentially no edge height at all - very pretty but not very effective at scratching your back!

Edge comparisonPopular Brass Back Scratcher Head

Construction: The back scratcher's scratching edge should be very firmly attached to the shaft; one piece construction with the scratcher edge integral to the shaft is even better. Beware of back scratchers that have a shaft with the scratcher edge glued or threaded on as that connection will be the first place that your back scratcher will likely become loose or break outright.

One Piece Constuction

Handle: Another thing you need is a good handle so you can get a good grip and exert even downward pressure while using the back scratcher.

Flat Scratcher Handle

"Scratchability": If you think you will need to use your back scratcher "in public" look for a back scratcher that is strong enough and substantial enough to scratch through light clothing. Some lighter back scratchers may work on bare skin but they are not very effective through any layers of clothing.

           Scratchability comparison     

Appearance: Last on the list is appearance. Your back scratcher may be visible somewhere in your home or office so you might as well buy something that is not an embarrassment or which looks like it belongs out in the garage.

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