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Hardwood Back Scratcher Family

All BackScratcherWorld.com™ signature hardwood back scratchers and cast scratchers are made of quality woods and finished to last a lifetime.  Care for them like you would any other piece of fine woodwork.


You can clean your back scratcher or cast scratcher by gently wiping with a damp cloth and light detergent then drying with a clean cloth. The lacquer finish will not be affected. Do not put your backscratcher (or any wood product for that matter) in a dishwasher.


Avoid Direct SunlightTry to avoid putting your back scratcher or cast scratcher in direct sunlight for extended periods of time; a few hours or even days won't be a problem but prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can fade the color of the finish. It can also dry the wood out and cause cracks or delamination of the handle from the stave.

Interesting Note: To a certain extent, the above "avoid direct sunlight" advice does not fully apply to cherry wood.  Natural cherry will darken when exposed to modest amounts of sunlight. Just don't overexpose it!

Edge Maintenance

Over time and lots of use the scratching edge may become less well defined. If you want to increase or decrease the scratching capability of your backscratcher, you can tune up the scratching edge with 120 grit sandpaper. Warning: Don't overdo it - too much of an edge can damage your skin!

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