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  • Over 40,000 back scratchers shipped represents a lot of itching relief.  We work extra hard to make sure you get your order on time and hassle free. Here are some comments* from customers who have purchased our back scratchers.

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  • Customers comments:

    • I now have my handy dandy backscratcher. Let me tell you, this thing is awesome. It can reach anywhere on my back. It actually works better than me itching! (see full Blog post: Lisa Reviews - http://lisareviews.com/)
    • I am amazed at the quality [and beauty] of the backscratcher I bought from you. Thank you for a fabulous product!!
    • I have received my order, and the scratchers are beautiful! They DO work very well. Thank you very much!
    • Your back scratchers are esthetically exquisite -- genuine works of art that deserve a place in the Industrial Design section of the Museum of Modern Art. The promise of satisfying scratching is a substantial factor in my decision to buy one of these. But even more significant, to me, is the sheer beauty of the object -- its refined design, its gorgeous lines and curves, its sensuous woods, its fine finish work. To me, the most sublimely beautiful manmade objects are those that are the simplest and cleanest.
    • We received this order yesterday and we are delighted...exactly what we hoped for!
    • Great to see quality American made products. Happy New Year!
    • Thanks. The first one I ordered was for my husband who is VERY hard to please. He hates gifts and usually returns them. Since receiving this back scratcher for his birthday he has not let it out of his sight!! He carries it from bedroom to office and back every day!!   He loves the quality and in fact was bothered that I spent "to much" for it!! Little does he know!! All 3 of my sons have been "borrowing" it when they visit, so this order is so each of them (plus a soon to be daughter in law and of course myself) will have one of their own come Christmas.
    • Hey, just wanted to let you know I received my order this morning, I'm not sure who liked it more, me or my girlfriend..........much better quality than the garbage that's available online, THANK YOU.
    • Hi!! Thank you for shipping my order so quickly!! Your back scratcher was the best Christmas present I got this year.   It is absolutely fantastic!! My husband purchased one for each of his family members and two for us. One is upstairs and one is downstairs, so we are never far from a good scratch :-) The one I ordered is for my father's birthday. I'm sure he'll love it!! Thanks again for your awesome product!!
    • Hi. Just had to take a minute to let you know the back scratchers were the “hit” of Christmas!   My husband LOVES his very own back scratcher (ex-husband’s back scratcher is now history)!!!. Everyone from grandkids to great grandparents just raved about them….I had no idea they would appeal to literally all ages! I can already see we will need to place another order in the future! Thanks again for great service and a beautiful and very useful product!
    • Hi. I received the back scratchers, and they are BEAUTIFUL, functional, and ergonomic. And they get right to that itchy spot with ease. I ordered his and hers. My husband will be surprised with his for Christmas, but I am already secretly using mine!   Thanks too for the prompt shipping.
    • Good morning. Just wanted to let you know that I received the back scratchers yesterday and was extremely pleased. I tried one out immediately and was overjoyed with how well it works! Better than any of those slender, hand-looking ones. I know my husband will really like it. Thanks again for such prompt service.
    • Hi. Thank you so very much…I am excited about surprising my husband with his very own back scratcher!   There is a story behind this….I have been married a little over 5 years to a wonderful man (my second marriage)….after we married and he moved in we came across my former husband’s back scratcher (it had gotten left accidentally in his move after our divorce, I guess). It happens to have my first husband’s name printed on it…my current husband has good naturedly been using it for all this time….occasionally making jokes about how he would like to have one of this very own!. Just last week he jokingly said “I thought I was going to get my very own back scratcher someday but guess my wife forgot about that” so I placed the order with you as quickly as I could….this has been a family joke so everyone is going to love the fact that Bob now has his very own personal back scratcher!   Thanks so much for the great service. I have already told my friend to be watching her mail for the delivery.
    • Hey, Just wanted to let you know I received the goods in fine order today. I opened the package and gave one a "test run"--it did the job great.   I will be busy stuffing stockings this year--one for Mom, one for Dad, one for brother, and one for sister-in-law. That leaves two that Santa can leave for me! One for home, and I'll stick one in my golf bag--much better than a sand wedge when I get that back itch on the course before an important stroke!
    • Hey, I love my back scratchers (one at home and one at the office). Today, I just ordered 3 regular and one cast scratcher for a friend who broke her leg.
    • Hi, I am ordering another back scratcher. This one is for my brother. I ordered one a couple of years ago for my husband. This is the best back scratcher that we have ever owned.
    • Hi, I ordered two back scratchers from you for my husband's birthday and he loves them both!! They are so well made and the wood grain is beautiful. Thank you for a quality product made in the USA! I plan on ordering more as gifts in the future.
    • My son-in-law was involved in an automobile accident. He broke his shoulder and his back and is in a body cast from neck to pelvis. I purchased your cast scratcher and you shipped it to him the day he returned home from the hospital. We wanted to let you know how much my son-in-law liked the cast scratcher. He opened it the minute he received it and started using it.    He keeps it handy next to his bedside and he can use it without having to ask someone to give him help. Thank you for making such a handy, well-made product like the cast scratcher.
    • We received the back scratchers this past Saturday, all in excellent shape. I and my wife are very pleased with the quality and appearance of all three, and I suspect they will all last longer than either of us (we are in our 50's). I plan to order a number of these from you in the near future for Christmas gifts.
    • I just thought I’d let you know how much we like the back scratchers. I bought the first three for my husband – one for upstairs, one for downstairs and one for the office. They have become the most popular item at his office with guys always popping in to use it. I’m buying this one for one of his employees for a birthday present. This fellow loves items that are monogrammed, so I’m going to paint his initials onto the handle. The one we purchased for the downstairs sits on our coffee table within reach of everybody – my husband, my son, myself and yes, even the dog. Whenever I pick it up he scrambles over to me in hopes of getting it used on him. The back scratcher’s sturdy construction has seen it put to use in many other ways besides just “scratchin”. It makes a great extension for reaching things and has become very handy in that respect. Thank you for making such a nice product.
    • My wife bought me of your fine back scratchers for Christmas, because I needed something at the office. At home I can use a hammer or whatever, but I needed something nice for the office. But now that I've used this fine tool, nothing else will do. I've just ordered one for home.
    • I have ordered 9 different back scratchers in search of a product that works well, and most of them are very poorly made. The curve on the end of your product is ergonomically perfect. It's so effective and easy to use. The wood is of an exceptional quality and the craftsmanship is wonderful. By far, you offer the best back scratcher I have ever tried (even better than the highly touted "MaxScratch". And yes, please feel free to use my comments on your website.
    • We just received our back scratcher. Looks great! And we're amazed at the delivery time. Thanks so much! My brother wanted a "good" back scratcher for Christmas, and I think we've found one.
    • Hi. Got my back scratcher yesterday. I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with it. It's a gift for a family member and I know they will love it. Thanks Again!!!!
    • Thanks, for being so prompt with my order, I really appreciate it. I have received it and it will work great! Thanks Again.
    • Love the back scratcher.   Got it for work so I no longer user doors or cabinets as makeshift scratchers.
    • Hi. Just wanted to let you know that the back scratchers arrived and they are everything that everyone said they were. I got one for myself and one for my husband and we love them. I really like that they don't have little fingers and are very well made. I no longer see my husband with out seeing his back scratcher as well, needless to say he really loves his!
    • I wanted to let you know that I really like the walnut back scratcher I bought from you. It looks like genuine handcrafted workmanship and has the scent of fresh wood and varnish. And it works.
    • Thanks for getting my new scratcher shipped so quickly. Yours is my new one because it has replaced one of your competitor's back scratchers. Theirs looked like a telescoping car antennae and it was cute, but it lacked the strength to do any decent scratching. Just like one of your previous feedback's, mine broke in half so I was back in the market for a GOOD back scratcher and now I have it. Thanks for a great design that will last at least a lifetime.
    • Thank you for the great back scratchers! The coloring on both the cedar and walnut is beautiful. Light weight but not flimsy. With my wife's RA, it is much easier for her to get to the itch with the longer reach without having to overwork her shoulder. I also thank you for your input when I asked it they have "teeth" on the edge. Even without teeth, the edge you put on works just fine, on bare skin or through clothes. And my cats like it, too!
    • I don't have any requests, but I would like you to know how much we appreciate the beautiful workmanship in your back scratchers! We gave one to my mother-in -law for Christmas, and she absolutely treasures it! My late father-in-law was also a skilled craftsman and your work reminds her of the perfectionism he put into his work. It's a wonderful idea for you to send these e-mail reminders to your previous customers! I'm ordering one for each of the rest of the family members now. My husband and I love ours, and we know everyone else in the family would enjoy receiving one. Anyway, you do marvelous work, and I just wanted you to know that we certainly appreciate your talent and skill.
    • My Dad loved his gift! Says it is one of the best scratchers ever! Thanks.
    • Many thanks for your prompt service on such a small order. My wife is delighted. If we, or any of our family/friends have a need for ANY of your products, we shall recommend you strongly. (As my lady said when she first used that product, “AAAHHH !!” ) Thanks again.
    • We received our new back scratcher yesterday, it is awesome. Thanks for the prompt delivery and also for the wonderful product. That is cool you and your wife are in the church band, my husband plays drums in one of our church's worship teams...anyway, thanks so much again.
    • I'm sure you receive countless letters praising your back scratchers and now I'd like to add mine. I am the very happy owner of at least 7 of them. I have one in every room plus in my van and with my scooter. As a disabled person, this item is indispensable. It adds 20 1/2 inches to my reach when I cannot reach a spice or dish in my kitchen. From a seated position, I can reach top shelf items. When dropping something on the floor, it reaches to pull the dropped object within reach. It hooks my clothing beautifully so I can get pants down far enough to allow me to put my feet and legs into pant legs and pull them up. In the van, I can pick up dropped keys. I can scratch my lower legs since the dashboard inhibits bending over. At the bedside, the curved end can slide under and pick up dropped pills. In my craft room, it hooks my skeins of yarn so I can knit or crochet.......I've even used it to pick up dropped needles, stitch markers and scissors ! It's a great, gentle tool for exfoliating very dry skin. Finally, I use it when playing with our cats. They love swatting at it under covers. We call this wonderful back scratcher my "stick" and I cannot begin to thank you enough for having created it. You really should mention what a godsend it is to handicapped people in your advertising. While I'm at it, I think I'll order 2 more. Thanks again, so much. God bless you.
    • Thanks so much they are loved by all!!! Merry Christmas!!
    • Thanks. I will leave the extra one here in the office (125 people) and make a sign with the web address for you. Thanks, and I would highly recommend your back scratchers. Such a simple product, but so hard to find a good one.
    • Thank you. I have received your fabulous back scratchers...they re not only handsome they are fantastic. I plan to give them out as Christmas gifts and have kept two for myself! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    • Just a note to let you know that I received the back scratcher today. It's great! I bought it for my girlfriend, but after seeing it I will probably get another one for myself and maybe another one for a Christmas present. Thanks for your great service and a unique product!
    • BTW - the back scratchers are great. They are just the right length. I've "tuned" one per your instructions because the end was a little too rough. Thirty-seconds with some 120 grit sand paper is all it took.
    • This makes about 45 I have given as gifts. Keep up the good work. Best back scratcher ever. Thanks.
    • Thanks for the quick shipment and personal response to the order. I purchase allot of things over the internet and must say your service is great. My wife and I love these back scratchers and are very impressed with the quality and design. You just can't beat solid wood! Thanks, Glenn
    • I received your back scratchers, and I wanted to take a minute to provide some feedback to you. This is the best made back scratcher I have ever used. It is truly a work of art--just beautifully constructed. As far as comfort, it relieves the itch without tearing the skin off one's back and it leaves a person feeling in control again. I purchased two of them to use, so I could take one to work and I could leave one at home.   I would strongly recommend to anyone the purchase of your back scratcher. A functional item like this so perfectly made will also make a fine gift for that person who has everything.   Thank you for designing these and for offering them to the rest of the world to enjoy.
    • I bought two of your back scratchers last year. I don't know if I have ever bought a product that has been so perfectly made for the money. I keep one of them on each floor of my house, and need to order another for my truck.

*These comments include comments from customers of Legacy Fine Furnishings and HardWoodBackScratchers.com, the predecessors to the current BackScratcherWorld.com web store. The back scratchers and cast scratchers are still the same and the number of products available has been expanded. Some comments edited for length. The complete text of all customer comments are retained on file.

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