How To Use Your Back Scratcher


Once you have a great back scratcher, using it is pretty much a matter of finding out where it itches and going for it. There seem to be two main approaches to using the back scratcher effectively:

Approach #1
Back Scratch Approch #1

Approach #1: This seems to be the way most people use a back scratcher. Good access to upper back and shoulders but maybe a bit of a stretch for the lower back. Also, it requires quite a bit of elbow and shoulder joint flexibility, particularly for reaching the lower back. If you have had an elbow or shoulder injury, back mobility problems or if you are older, this way may not be as effective or even possible.


Approach #2
Back Scratch Approch #2

Approach #2: This is another great way to use a back scratcher. Excellent for shoulders, middle back and lower back - you can get to that ever elusive spot right between your shoulder blades. Also, for most people this is a better approach because it is much easier on the elbow and shoulder joints. - Your Best Source For Quality Back Scratchers

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