Back Scratcher Value Bundles

Back Scratchers Value™ offers a number of great back scratcher value bundles so you can get more back scratchers for less money! Perfect for gift shopping year around. Saves on shipping and handling, too!

When you buy a back scratcher value bundle from BackScratcherWorld™ you get:

  • Save $$$ - our back scratcher value bundles let you get more back scratchers for less money. Saves on shipping and handling charges, too.
  • Great Gifts! - back scratchers make great "all occasion" gifts from stocking stuffers to father's day to birthdays to ???. Keep a few handy for last minute giving.
  • Try Different Products - not sure which of our back scratchers you like best? Get a value bundle, pick your favorite and keep the rest for use later as gifts.
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FREE Telescopic Back Scratcher with every order

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